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90-Second Devotions

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In our jam-packed schedules, we often miss what God wants to teach us. Tandy Balson looks at the ordinary things of everyday life and focuses your thoughts on a deeper spiritual meaning - in only ninety seconds.
In a world where being “triggered” has mostly negative connotations, Tandy Balson blesses us and glorifies God when something triggers an insight or emotion in her. Tandy has a rare gift for observation. Things in nature, social interactions, casual comments, everyday situations, are all subject to her attention and her exploration of their deeper spiritual significance. We all see the same things Tandy does, but few of us perceive what she sees. Her writing reveals that many commonplace things could easily be the still small whisperings of the Spirit communicating the depths of God’s revelation of Himself to us. - Ron Hughes, author of “Living at the End of the Rope” and program director of HopeStreamRadio.

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