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Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Personal Data Protection Book

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Cybercrime is on track to become a six trillion dollar problem by 2021. After the Equifax breach, cybercrime advisors are alerting citizens that they should assume their personal information is in the hands of cyber criminals. In this essential guide, Karen Freeman Worstell, breaks down the “what to do now” into 15 essential steps that will help to minimize your exposure.

It’s more important than ever to begin and maintain good practices on a daily basis and to know what to do if you suspect your personal information has been misused. This handy guide shows you how. to protect your social security accounts in case your number is exposed or misused. Detect the signs that indicate someone is trying to steal your bank account and take appropriate action. Pick up a copy of this critical resource today and take action so you minimize your chances of becoming a cybercrime statistic.

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