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Taoist Healing

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Fr.Axel addresses in this important book a threatening problem in the Occident: We are getting sicker and sicker through better and better scientific medicine.
Healers have good intentions to 'cure' people. But what they actually do, is putting even more stuff into the client: Words, potions, energies and vibrations. But no resonance system to hear TAO. In order to instill healing, TAO must reverberate unhindered from its Source: The Unifield Field. Universal Consciousness. To find its way to the suffering. And cure the ailing in its own time and ways. Which are inscrutable to the limited Ego. This act is considered 'faith'. Believing in living Cosmic Goodness. Very hard to swallow in the 21st century.
The author clearly describes herein, that Ego is the greatest obstacle to engage healing in body and mind. He provides proven formulas to re-connect to the Source of all Being: TAO. It is not the healer who heals. It always was and always will be: TAO.

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