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The Last Sacrifice (Angel Series Book 2)

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The Last Sacrifice of Angel Series Book 2 is a follow up to The Last Curse of Angel Series Book one. It is the story of a people's fight for survival and adventures, diamond magical war, mystery river though shallow but swallows mother and offspring and evil persons more like Bermuda triangle. The story of the demonic prince's hold on a nation and the angelic divine intervention to the rescue, the demand for a sacrifice, the ransom, the talking book, the crying diamond smuggled to London (I want to go home).Ikem alias Jerry Boy or Americana and the warriors fought to save their people from binding curses and covenants amidst magical oppositions.It is the story of disaster in caves, caverns, mines for an illusive gemstones and diamonds.The involvement of a greedy White man Mr. Stone who carried the mysterious talking green emeralds to London and brought curses, sickness,torment to those who came in contact with it untill the associated covenants were broken and curses nullified. This turned Ehie city into a sort of holy land of precious stone for pilgrimages. This Angel Series is a game changer and a must read. Get a copy for yourself and for your friends too.

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