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How to Publish and Sell Your Ebook IN A DAY

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This ebook explains in straightforward, step-by-step instructions how to turn your book into an ebook and give it the best chance of being a bestseller: by first making sure that the manuscript itself is up to scratch, which involves including ‘hooks’ like readers’ names and recognizable places into your book; by starting straight away with useful information (for non-fiction) or an action scene (for fiction) that will capture the reader’s attention right from the outset; by adding depth to your characters; by choosing your words carefully, as some retailers will not stock books with too many expletives; and by giving your book added authenticity through scene description and by double-checking your facts, which will increase your chances for positive reviews.

Once you have done these basics, the next step is to either have your book professionally proofread or proof it yourself following the standard UK grammatical rules and style guide set out in this ebook. This book also demystifies the tricky stage of typesetting your manuscript in preparation for publication, including page breaks, hard returns, spacing issues, special indentation and inserting images, all of which will ensure that  the book translates cleanly and professionally when converted into ebook format.

Finally, this book covers final steps, including writing an engaging synopsis and back cover blurb for your book (called ‘back matter’), and organizing the title and copyright pages with an active table of contents (called ‘front matter’).  It also explains, in simple terms, the technical process of converting your book into an ebook and uploading it for sale on Amazon Kindle. ‘How to Publish and Sell your E-Book IN A DAY’ will help you produce professional ebooks that will appear high in Amazon’s search results and offer your ebook the widest readership possible.

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