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A Push in Perception

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"Truth is not a destination - it is not a point in the future which you reach through discipline and efforts. Truth is the path itself you walk on everyday, driven by unbiased, naive curiosity for knowing - not believing, but knowing."

Abhijit Naskar is the idea of one humanity that has become a mirror for all humans to see themselves without prejudices, without biases, without the conformities of the society. Over and over again, Naskar has stated that liberty is his religion, and the humans are his god. In this book, he takes us on the journey of understanding this liberty with a naive eye. He profoundly proclaims that this ultimate liberty is not attained through a certain ideology or a label of intellectualism - in fact, it is not something to be attained at all, rather it is manifested within ourselves. Naskar reminds us, that this liberty is the gateway to a truly harmonious and peaceful world where there can be no war or any conflict whatsoever, either internal or external. In this liberty humanity discovers the truth that it so obsessively seeks in various ideologies. The book takes a deep dive into the ocean of liberty and enables us to investigate the fundamental question of human existence - what is truth?

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