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The Son of God Series Book 4, Healing in His Wings: The Son of God Series, #4

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The Son of God Series is five books of historical fiction that shine a compelling light on Jesus, the central figure of Christianity.  In his heavenly role, he is called Yeshua and as a man he is called Jesus.  In each book you will meet Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah. He is personal and approachable.

Book 4, Healing in His Wings focuses on the relationships and the miracles in the gospel narratives.  Now a well-known rabbi, Jesus makes both friends and enemies as he travels and teaches.  Each encounter is personal, a revelation of agony swept away by supernatural love.  The blind see.  The lame dance.  The righteous grow in their new freedom while the agents of Satan plot to maintain their hold on mankind.  For Jesus, the cross is always in his future and his ultimate enemy is always close by.

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