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JESUS: One Savior, Two-fold Mandate, Three-Dimensional Salvation plan, Three Prophetic Pillars

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Given that in addition to the Bible opening with the revelation that God created all things which exist by the power of His word in Genesis 1:3-31, it is also revealed that God and His word are One and the same in John 1:1, Paul revealed that it takes hearing and believing God's word to enter into faith in God in Romans 10:17, Jesus Christ revealed that human life is ultimately lived on the strength of what God says in Matthew 4:4, God revealed that the key to success in all areas and arenas of life is to read, meditate upon and do according to His word in Joshua 1:8, God revealed that His divine operation mainly involves His performance of His word in Jeremiah 1:11-12, God revealed that His divine ways and thoughts are embodied in His word which performs perfectly because it is both inviolable and inerrant in Isaiah 55:8-11, and Jesus Christ revealed that the Father sent Him into the world to save mankind through the preaching of His word as the gospel of His kingdom in Matthew 4:17 and Luke 4:43, it is manifest that the Bible overflows with the evidence that Christianity is a wholly word-based and word-centered faith! The wholly word-based and word-centered nature of the Christian faith points to its deep prophetic roots which challenge Christians to consciously strive to build their faith on the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

There could be no better title for this Book than the name of JESUS because He is the One to whom the Father committed the gospel of the kingdom as the Savior of the world. The prophetic mission of this book is to unfold the fullness of the gospel of the kingdom of God which Jesus Christ preached, taught, exemplified, perfected through His death and resurrection as well as committed to all generations of His disciples.

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