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The Faith Power Code

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The revelation that Christians are called to live by faith is especially important for two main reasons. First, the call to live by faith indicates that faith is the only spiritual force that can enable God's people to step into the supernatural realm. Second, the call to live by faith underscores the fact that the Christian life is deeply-spiritual and designed to be best-lived by being fully-connected to God's divinity. Thus, the fundamental implication of the call to live by faith is that it is only by unlocking the life dynamics of faith that anyone can live in unity with God! However, the unlocking of the life dynamics of faith is a prophetic undertaking that requires accurate prophetic insight. The prophetic insight that unlocks the life dynamics of faith is the revelation that faith can be practically-lived because its supernatural power of action and accomplishment is conclusively-proven by its ability to provide answers to the 12 most important questions of life which include the following:

1.What is faith?
2.What is the ultimate purpose of faith?
3.What is the prophetic direction of faith?
4.What gives faith its supernatural capacity?
5.What is the spiritual flow of faith?
6.What is the most important relationship dynamic of faith?
7.What is the most sensitive discipline of faith?
8.What is the most active protocol of faith?
9.What are the winning postures of faith?
10.What is the most important priority of faith?
11.What is the most important work of faith? And
12.What is the greatest achievement of faith?

These 12 all-important questions represent the 12 prophetic streams of faith from which Christians must drink in order to be spiritually-equipped to live by faith with the benefit of personally encountering and experiencing God! This is what it takes to live immersed in the deep waters of the most powerful force in heaven and on earth.

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