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Ecumenical Missiology: Changing Landscapes and New Conceptions of Mission

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This book has been prepared with acute awareness of how challenging it can be to comprehend the meaning of mission and to find direction for our own engagement in it – as individuals, churches, agencies or institutions. A key resource now available to help meet this challenge is Together Towards Life, the new mission affirmation of the World Council of Churches. This volume not only offers a wide-ranging analysis of TTL but explores the century of ecumenical missiology which underpins and informs this ground-breaking text. Every change in the global landscape has required new approaches to the practice of mission and new conceptions of its meaning. Tracing the changing landscape across the past 100 years will equip readers to develop the fresh thinking about mission that will be required today and tomorrow. This book is expected to be especially valuable in missional formation and leadership development.

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