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The Recollections, Observations, Opinions and Confessions of a Plain Nobody

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One day I was given a suitcase full of memoirs and short stories that were written by my Grandma Sidney, (1898 - 1984). Everything was handwritten, the loose leaf pages lovingly fastened together with bits of yarn or string. Even though the script was arthritic and extremly difficult to read, I was immediately captivated by her down to earth stories. As I read Grandma Sidney's simple and poignant glimpses of rural life in Georgia I realized what an amazing woman she was. I was so moved by her recollections and the family history she recorded I just had to do what she was not able to do, publish some of her stories. In addition to Grandma Sidney's "Recollections" this book also contains two short stories, "Old Man Howdy's Day in Court" and "Preston Johnston's Takeover".

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