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None But the Dead and Dying

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"Behrens' novel has the quiet but charged atmosphere of a withheld thunderstorm... A teenaged girl is drawn to a reclusive middle-aged saxophone player. An Indian drifter and an elderly spinster drink Scotch together at sunset... The result is a novel made up of small moments of illumination, like porch lights guiding the way home." -- Columbus Dispatch

"Her writing takes on the energy and freedom of [a] bluesy saxophone, making music that soars." -- The New York Times Book Review

An Ohio farmer, digging a waterline, uncovers an ancient Native American burial ground, triggering subtle yet meaningful changes all over the small town nearby.

"When Ellen Behrens transports us to a belfry at midnight, as a great unsung saxman practices in an attic where he thinks he can't be heard, we realize how much we are given by those who hide, and what a wealth of things lie hidden." -- First edition hardcover blurb

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