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You Will - Memoirs of a Loving Father: While Unknowingly Embarking On His Epic Journey Towards Growth

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“You Will” started as a set of memoirs for my two children during a very dark time in my life. Yes, my story started within my tribe but as time passed, I realized that it was for more than just us. Sure, my book is entrenched in angst, painful memories and my wrestling with questions about the great unknown. But it’s more about the realization that love, grace and hope never die - ever. It’s about removing our blinders and choosing to see things for ourselves. It’s about how we all fall, but we can also all get back up. This is me finally listening and choosing that I can be a part of helping others do just that, even if via my own thorns and scars.

This story isn’t only about telling people my story. It’s an open invitation. It’s me inviting them to share their story with the world too. You’re not alone, not even close. We are all called for greatness. This is my attempt to shine a light on the fact that we’re not done yet. We can all grow. We just got started.

Feel free to sing along…

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