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And They'll Come Home: The Legends Chronicles, #2

77 pages53 minutes


Little Hacker Peep
was taken from her sheep
and they don't know where 
to find her.
They won't leave it alone,
they'll bring her home
and they'll drag the Piper
behind them.

When Peep, the leader of hacker group, the Legends, is abducted and held for ransom, she must try to help her best friend, Muffet, to find where she is being held at the Wall and save her people without giving away her true role in the group.

When Arach is separated from his brother, Spider, he must continue to play the Piper's game, convincing him that what remains of his family is working for the villain they are trying to destroy, all while convincing his former rival, Peep, to trust them as he tries to untangles their web of lies.

In this follow up to Along Came A Spider, the first prequel novelette in The Legends Chronicles, we see the story from Peep's perspective as Muffet and Spider are trying to save her, all while getting a brand new look at the story we thought we knew from Along Came A Spider.

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