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Protector (Little Death Bringer, Book Two)

275 pages4 hours


Marin’s small reprieve at the Elven Kingdom turns into a longer visit than originally planned after Favian is sent on a mission with Kato and she cannot join.

When Marin meets Favian's identical twin who had been stolen at birth, she’s overcome by confusion as she starts to fall for him. She still loves Favian, even if he’ll soon start courting female elves and leave their partnership behind.

Ready to escape it all, she runs off, only to find herself in the company of another Mercenary who, with her help, discovers things aren’t really as they seem on this mission. Someone’s setting a trap...and Marin is the target.

Whoever’s after Marin has one thing in mind: stealing her power, even if that means sacrificing townspeople to do so. Marin’s already risked her heart for the Elven Kingdom...but now it’s up to her if she’s willing to risk her life for them as well.

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