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Tule Fog Tales, Issue One: Tule Fog Tales, #1

Tule Fog Tales, Issue One: Tule Fog Tales, #1

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Tule Fog Tales, Issue One: Tule Fog Tales, #1

72 pages
53 minutes
Dec 14, 2017


These six short stories from Tule Fog Press collect into one issue a theme of wonder, innocence, and hope. About 50 pages of speculative, supernatural tales edited by Lyndon Perry. Stories include: Teenage Mutant Ninja Nobody, Making Worf Proud, Memory Dish, An Astral Advent, Casting a Vampire, and Tucker & Mr. Chilly.

Dec 14, 2017

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Book Preview

Tule Fog Tales, Issue One - Lyndon Perry

Tule Fog Tales

Issue One

Speculative. Supernatural.

Fiction from Lyndon Perry

Copyright © 2018 Lyndon Perry

Published by Tule Fog Press


All Rights Reserved

Table of Contents


Teenage Mutant Ninja Nobody

Making Worf Proud

Memory Dish

An Astral Advent

Casting a Vampire

Tucker & Mr. Chilly

Copyright Information

About the Stories

From the Editor

Welcome to Tule Fog Tales

AND WELCOME BACK! SOME of you might remember Residential Aliens Zine and ResAliens, the bi-monthly print magazine. After five issues (still available via Lulu), I stopped publication but haven’t lost the itch to publish a semi-regular periodical.

This time around, however, most of the stories in each issue will be mine. But I promise a wide variety. And on a fairly regular basis – every 2 or 3 months, so 4 to 6 issues a year. May include a story by a friend every now and then, so you never know.

The key difference between ResAliens and Tule Fog Tales? Most stories in the former publication I could generally classify as spiritually infused speculative fiction. That is, there was an element of the eternal in them.

Now most good stories will touch on eternal themes. But instead of being spiritually infused, Tule Fog Tales, for the most part, will simply be speculative and supernatural. I’m going for a broad variety of fun, unique, interesting stories that I had a blast writing and want to share with others.

So again, welcome! And I hope you enjoy this collection of six stories from Tule Fog Press. – Lyn Perry, writer/editor.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Nobody

MITZI WALKED IN LATE to second hour on the first day of school. She looked at the teacher who frowned in response.

Take a seat, he said, shuffling his papers on the lectern. She felt the class staring, her cheeks suddenly matching the color of her hair.

The brand new sophomore considered turning around and leaving. She only saw one friendly face which really wasn’t enough to keep her there. But Austin waved for her to sit by him and was probably going to say something stupid if she didn’t make an immediate decision. So to avoid embarrassment and since it was the only seat available, she slowly made her way to the empty desk on the front row, dropping her backpack to the floor.

Austin smiled. Hey, he whispered. Hey, sorry I didn’t call this summer. I was going to, but—

She raised her hand to shut him up. Just...stop.

Okay class, settle down, the teacher said. As I was saying before we were interrupted, my name is Mr. Channing. I’m your, mnn, substitute for today and probably will remain so until the school hires a replacement for Ms Renshaw who, mnn, couldn’t return this year.

Great, Mitzi thought, new school year and the regular teacher’s already bailed. And what is up with this guy?

So what we’re, mnn, going to do is take out a piece of paper and, mnn, make a list of one hundred positive qualities about ourselves.

Mr. Channing took a deep breath and raised his eyes to the back wall, focusing on some spot above the heads of the students. A couple of kids turned around to see what he was staring at. A few others took out a pen and paper and started the assignment. Mitzi and Austin fidgeted, waiting for further instructions.

After about three minutes of awkward silence, Mr. Channing said, I need a volunteer. He then tore his eyes from the spot on the wall and studied his notes.

Mitzi glanced at Austin who had suddenly found something extremely interesting on the blank piece of paper before him. She looked down and found a pencil mark on her desk that was similarly intriguing and prayed the sub would call on someone behind her.

Mnn. The substitute shuffled his papers. Mitzi Harbough? Mitzi Harbough? Which one of you is Mitzi Harbough? Can you share with the class five positive quality traits you wrote down?

Cheeks flushing again, she raised a timid finger.

You’re Mitzi Harbough?

Um, yes?

A few giggles from the classroom.

"Settle down, please. Settle down. Miss Harbough, would you please read to the

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