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Tribes and Tribulations - Israel's Predicted Personalities

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Naphtali, Manasseh, Gad, Asher...Of course, these are four of the tribes of Israel - you probably recognize their names but little more than that.  Is there anything else to know about them? Bible teacher Brian Johnston answers that question with a resounding "yes" and points out that each of the original brothers had their own distinct characteristics and that, as prophesied, these traits would be replicated in their descendants.  In addition, Brian also pinpoints a challenge for the reader from each tribe regarding their own character and relationship with God.

"Tribes and Tribulations" is an excellent addition to the popular "Search for Truth" Series.

1. Reuben: The Erring Brother
2. Simeon: The Wilful Brother
3. Levi:  The Forceful Brother
4. Judah:  The Leader Brother
5. Zebulun: The Single-Minded Brother
6. Issachar : The Serving Brother
7. Dan:  The Ill-disciplined Brother
8. Naphtali: The Sharing Brother
9. Gad: The Overcoming Brother
10. Asher: The Quiet Brother
11. Manasseh & Ephraim: The Competitive Brother

12. Benjamin: The Courageous Brother

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