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The Suvasana Code



Watching her listless form sent a shiver down my spine and brewed a storm in my heart. This was proving to be harder than I had thought. Standing amidst the test of fortitude, I felt grossly unprepared and unsure. I wanted to take her in my arms and cry my heart out, but I held back, for I had promised myself I wouldn't break down.

The faint angelic smile on her pale lips didn't help either, for it did little to disguise the pain. Her condition looked depressing and the gloomy atmosphere of the Intensive Care Unit only made it worse. That a tiny mosquito could have brought on this malady seemed utterly impossible, but the scene before me now was the chilling reality of what the lethal Dengue virus had done to her. Clenching my hand in agony, she squeezed it tightly until my fingers hurt.

I shut my eyes and tried to hold back the tears. Pangs of anger and fear washed over the calm shores of my facade, overwhelming my mind and pulling it deeper into despair. Was God not listening to my prayers? I begged for mercy, hoping for things to change.

She lay there staring helplessly at me. Behind her vacant gaze was an unspoken plea for a miracle. Looking deeply into her mind I felt torn by her anguish. For a moment I wished I didn't have this ability. And yet that was impossible. For once deep seeing awakens in you, there is no way to turn it off. You just have to accept the harsh reality you see, beneath the deceptive masks people so painstakingly put on.

I stroked her forehead prayerfully, hoping that the Creator's Light would surge through my palms and heal her. Perhaps she read my mind, for slipping her hand reassuringly into mine, she muttered softly, 'Mumma, can we please go home?'

A sharp knife pierced through me. Her words said so little and yet they told the story of her suffering. Seeing my face fall she added quickly, 'I'm ready to take responsibility for my state. I'll do everything it takes to get better. I promise to be good Mumma.'

Her ability to be reflective seemed admirable and almost out of place. It confirmed that she had listened well over the years.

I had often explained to her that when people fail to pay attention to the urgings of their soul, life devises exacting ways of focussing their attention. Some lose their jobs or loved ones. Others fall gravely ill or undergo surgeries. And still others meet with terrible accidents and near-death experiences. Yet, these aren't really punishments for some unkind karma committed in their past. They are essentially, a crisis of the soul.

Suffering merely reminds us that it is time to assume responsibility for how we are living. If we can find out just where we have fallen out of alignment with the universal laws and use this understanding to modify our way of being in the world, by embracing healthier habits and kinder thoughts, we can heal our lives and change our destinies to reflect our finest dreams.

'Did the doctor say how long they will keep me here Mumma?' Her question intercepted my thoughts sharply and brought my attention back to her.

Hoping to camouflage my restless energy, I began braiding her hair and enthusiastically added, 'Don't worry about that darling. You just make sure you get enough rest. I'm sure they will discharge you shortly.'

Even though I was clueless about the length of her stay, there was no way I was going to tell her that. Her blood pressure had plummeted just that morning and her platelet count was descending fast, making the outlook seem bleak. The doctors were quite clear that her condition was still critical.

And yet, the worst thing I could do now was to allow my fearful thoughts and sad feelings to depress her already low energy. It was only by remaining calm and positive that my presence could be of any assistance. For a moment, I was glad she hadn't learnt to look deeply into my mind, for my suffering would have made her even more remorseful.

If only she had understood how powerfully the stress of negative thoughts and emotions compromises the body's immunity and attracts illness, she may have prevented this terrible experience.

Stress drops the frequency at which the human energy field vibrates and it erodes the outer layer of the aura that protects the body from the siege of physical and astral viruses.

Perhaps, if she had allowed herself to slow down a bit in the days preceding her illness, she may never have succumbed to the mosquito's brutal sting. But alas, when it comes to the mind, we are usually at the mercy of its whims. Realising that I had got entangled in my own regretful thoughts, I dragged my attention back to her and tried to make myself useful instead of just brooding.

Clearing the sadness from my aura, I gently placed my hands on her body and began balancing her depressed energy field. Like water, energy moves from higher vibratory fields to lower ones, bringing both into balance. Tuning into the Creator's Plane, I made a strong connection with her heart chakra and began feeding her energy body with the intent of raising her vibrational frequency. Then, to ensure that she accepted and sustained that higher frequency, I asked her to think about all the wonderful things she wanted to do once she got home.

'The angels on your altar say they miss you, Precious', I said cheerfully, hoping to attune her mind to happier memories and loving thoughts. This was the quickest way to revive the body's drooping energy.

'Yes Ma,' she smiled wryly, 'I miss them too.' Her words sounded cold, almost detached, as if nothing really mattered anymore. An air of apathy hung all around her. Was it the effect of the medication, I wondered? Or was she beginning to give up? A cold chill swept down my spine as her hopelessness became apparent to me.

If there was a way of distilling my life's learning's into a serum and injecting them into her, I would have done so in that moment. Wasn't it every parent's nightmare to see their child struggle? All I could think of were ways of taking on her suffering. But I also knew that doing so would not really help her. Pain was her teacher. It was visiting her to explain what wasn't working in her life. By taking on her pain or injecting my wisdom into her, I would merely be obstructing her soul lessons and hindering the process of her growth.

But there was one thing I could do. By helping her comprehend the idea that the source of happiness lies within ourselves, I could teach her ways to turn it on. This is probably the best gift we can give to our children; the desire and willingness to relentlessly seek the true source of happiness in life.

If Precious learnt to look deeply into her own mind, she would discover the underlying cause of her troubles and then, she could choose to redesign her life by making wiser choices. While this would take a lot of hard work initially, it would also be very exciting. Enthralled by the mysteries of the subconscious mind and the journey of self discovery, she would crave to delve deeper, and through discipline and practice, she would eventually become the master of her mind someday. That would change her whole life.

The mind is a master switch that controls physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. People who are optimistic tend to be healthier. They are gentler, both with themselves and others. Being more loving and forgiving, they laugh much more, and overcome difficulties with greater ease. But when the mind is confused and filled with negative thoughts, the body becomes stressed and diseased.

Stress accentuates selfish behaviours, reducing tolerance, patience, forgiveness and the ability to love. It increases irritability, anger, hopelessness and frustration, slowing down the pace of healing and repair work in the body. In order to get well, the mind must shift its attention from hopelessness and despair to hope and happiness.

If I could help Precious to be more positive, her mind would spontaneously switch on the healing response and she would get better in no time.

Whispering into her ear, I instructed her gently. 'Close your eyes Precious and imagine that God is filling your whole body with a revitalising golden light. Now imagine that this light is magically transforming all the harmful viruses in your body into the pure energy of God's love. See his love healing all your cells and restoring them to perfect health. Broadcast this message to every single cell in your body and wait patiently till you see it done.'

As she blinked her eyes open, I asked, 'Tell me about your dreams beautiful. What are the things you wish for in life?'

'Dreams huh? There are so many Ma,' she mumbled. A fleeting shade of pink crossed her cheeks as she raised her gaze upwards and a faint smile caressed her lips.

'Where should I begin?' She sighed. 'Wherever your heart takes you sweetheart… just tell me what it dreams of?'

'Well… I want to party with my friends and have endless fun… meet the man of my dreams and discover everlasting love. And of course, I'd like to find that perfect job… one that I love waking up to each day so I never have to suffer Monday morning blues again,' her voice drifted off into some magical fantasy as she said that.

I could see she was slipping into alpha zone, a state of deep relaxation in which hypnotic suggestions are readily accepted. This was the perfect brain wave frequency that was required to access her subconscious mind and induce some powerful imagery to further speed up her healing.

Slowing the rhythm of my voice and adjusting my intonation to deepen her trance I asked again, 'And so, when you find the man of your dreams and you have that perfect job, is there anything else you would still want Precious?'

All mental programs are recorded and stored as images in the brain and I wanted her to create happy new imprints through the power of her imagination.

'I have a long list,' she giggled coyly, and then burrowing her face deeper into the pillow she added, 'well if you must know, I want to have a beautiful home that you will do up for me, and yes… I want to travel around the world... go skiing in Alaska, sunbathe in Maldives, dance away the nights at Budapest, watch kangaroos from a hot air balloon in Sydney, and shop for my favourite things in London.'

Now she had me smiling too. 'Is that all?' I teased. This was the standard wish list of every young heart.

How united we all are in our material dreams, I pondered. A good life, lots of fun, enough money, travel to faraway places, a loving partner and wonderful friends. Why then do we feel so disconnected and different from each other? Aren't we like pieces of a shattered glass, all parts of the same whole, merely glimpsing at different reflections of ourselves?

Brushing my contemplations aside I brought my mind back to our conversation. 'I'm glad you are thinking about what you want from life darling. It's pretty good use of your time here at the hospital,' I said, still smiling.

'You really think so Ma?'

I nodded approvingly. This illness was finally beginning to look like a blessing in disguise. It was making her introspect about life. Pain had that effect on an intuitive mind. Perhaps this suffering was designed by her soul to shift her attention from the busy-ness of everyday life to the things that really mattered.

Glad that she was thinking happier thoughts now, I hoped the worst was behind us. Gone were the depressive remarks about how the fever was killing her and they were replaced by enthusiastic ideas about a fun-filled life.

The fact that she was talking about these things was a sure sign that her condition was improving. Despite her dismal blood reports, I was confident that her positive thoughts would have an encouraging impact on her physiology, and soon her medical reports would confirm this too. But for now, I had to keep her mind focused on positive inspirations.

'What do you imagine life will be like when you have achieved all you want, Precious?'

'Oh, I will be at peace with myself knowing that I am living an accomplished life,' she answered thoughtfully. Her body seemed to come alive as she spoke and a faint glimmer returned to her eyes.

'And so, is being accomplished the most important thing you seek?'

'No Mumma, you don't get it. The thing is that being accomplished will allow me to balance my doing with being.'

Her self-assured confidence indicated that my energy experiments were working and that she was responding to them exceptionally well. A ray of hope caressed my distressed heart.

'Balance your doing with your being,' I repeated her words slowly, unsure if I had heard her right. She was referring to one of the principles of the spiritual path. How did she know about this? I couldn't recall ever having mentioned it to her.

'Well you see, when I succeed, I will have earned the right to sit back and chill. What's the point of achieving if you can't enjoy the fruits of your achievement, right? And once I have all I want, I will be able to focus on what others want. So when I strike that balance between doing great things and being a nicer person each day, my life will be truly magical.

I will wake up full of energy and excitement to meet the challenges of my life. The adrenaline rush from my accomplishments and successes will give me the enthusiasm to do all kinds of philanthropic work. Putting smiles on people's faces will then become my passion and my reward. And the joy of doing things, not just for myself, but for others also, will keep me on a permanent high. That's when I will feel at great peace with myself. And nothing will ever get me down again.'

She had somehow grasped the principle about moving up the consciousness ladder from being obsessed about having and acquiring things at the bottom of the ladder, to doing things that the world considered worthy, and eventually, to simply being a loving and compassionate presence. Even though her understanding of it wasn't entirely accurate, the fact that she was thinking about bringing joy to other people's lives was a good sign. It indicated that her positive past was gaining strength.

Her suvasana, or what could simply be referred to as the force of her positive tendencies, was beginning to emerge. The fire ritual that she had performed as a little child years ago, along with all the good deeds and thoughts that she had nurtured across all her lives was gathering momentum and shaping her thoughts.

I smiled as the memory of that distant night flashed across my mind when Precious had been initiated by me during our make-shift fire ceremony. She was all of seven years old when I first taught her to let go of the darkness within. It was sad how the years of social conditioning had shrouded the purity of her mind, clouding her awareness and causing her to attract this present suffering. But if she maintained this positive attitude that she was presently displaying, she would undoubtedly be better very soon.

For then her positive tendencies, or her suvasana, alone would lead the battle with whatever had attracted this illness and aid her recovery. Going forward, it would give her the strength to choose the difficult though rewarding path, over her easy but destructive habits. At first her awareness would shatter her inner confusions and ego entanglements, compelling her to examine her true motivations and intentions more incisively, and urging her to discover who she really is and what she really wants from life.

Then her introspections would expand her consciousness, making her witness her thoughts and intentions with greater objectivity. Discrimination would step in thereafter, dispelling her confusions, to unleash the power of intuition. As her mind became more expansive, she would begin to see and know things that most people would never even fathom.

With committed efforts on the spiritual path, she would be inspired to overcome all erroneous beliefs about life. This would eventually help her to conquer the ignorance of her mind. With deep humility and regular practice, she would then create a life so loving and deeply fulfilling, that even the auditors of karma would take note and nod their heads in approval.

Whenever someone succeeds in opposing the flow of negative instincts and conditioned behaviours, the whole universe celebrates, as the soul sheds its darkness and begins to glow.

Though she will not realise this initially, as her good karmas gather momentum, they will accelerate her vibrational frequency and raise her consciousness to a level where her whole being will throb with compassion and joy.

This wilful act of conquering her darkness shall then activate the descent of divine grace that shall guide her towards the manifestation of her soul's highest purpose.

When the light in her becomes so strong that she chooses to put truth above all other things, a secret gateway at the fontanel, on the top of her head will open and carry her across the river of consciousness. A place of unexplainable bliss and peace, where all separations end and only oneness exists, will then become hers. If she chooses this adventure, she can reach where few people ever dare to go.

But all great journeys have to start at the beginning, and she was just commencing hers. Precious had spoken of a desire to help others. This was a good sign. I could sense that the effects of the fire ritual, the homa that she had performed in her childhood, was beginning to bear fruit. The seeds of her intent to embark upon the journey of soul freedom were beginning to sprout. Given the right environment, I knew that her spiritual hunger was now going to grow rapidly.

Fixing her gaze upon the blinking tube light on the ceiling, she mumbled firmly, 'You know Mumma, someday I will get there… someday.'

A strange throb between my brows made me wonder if her drowsy state and my metaphysical ideas were melding our consciousness. Were we witnessing each other's thoughts? Her voice was growing stronger now and her eyes looked clearer than before, as though she was envisioning a perfect future. I let silence punctuate the gaps between her thoughts, allowing her to dwell in that experience.

For a long time, she said no more and then drifted off to sleep.

Never before had she spoken of these things and I wondered what had prompted these thoughts today. Looking around, I once again became acutely aware of the hopelessness that filled the room. The occasional rush of nurses to resuscitate a failing heart or the moan of an unconscious woman on the adjacent bed, made the bridge between life and death seem so fragile.

Was it the proximity to these deeply ailing people that made life seem so valuable? Or was it the effect of a deeply imprinted subconscious memory, of a conversation we had years ago, when she had first spoken about death, that was triggering these strange thoughts? Whatever it was, it seemed to be doing her good. With that reassurance, I began writing the gratitude journal on my phone memo pad.

By the time I had written barely five points, she piped up again. 'Mumma, do you think that one can be both powerful and vulnerable at the same time?'

'Why do you ask, my child?' 'Well, there's a part of me that wants to be powerful and self-reliant and there's another part that wishes to remain just as I am, vulnerable and empathic towards others. I'm not sure if I can be both at the same time, and yet, I don't want to trade one part away for the other.'

'So you want to have your cake and eat it too?' I joked, hoping to lighten up the discussion. She had been in this intense philosophical mood all day and her thoughts were getting more profound with each breath.

'You know Ma, I remember reading somewhere, that the only way to find happiness is to have one foot in heaven and the other on earth. I guess that means that we can be vulnerable in our humanness and yet be powerful like God. Honestly, I can't even comprehend that possibility. How can someone be vulnerable yet powerful and happy? I mean, isn't vulnerability about being weak?

I think monks who renounce life might think it possible, and that too because their vulnerability isn't put to test through the everyday grind of jobs and relationships, but can we ordinary humans, who live in the real world, actually achieve that state? I mean do we even have that technology?'

'Humans have always had that technology my dear, but we have chosen to forget it. It takes enormous discipline and training of the mind to crack these life codes.' I answered firmly.

'Will you teach me how to crack them?' She lowered her voice to a whisper, as though partaking of a secret.

I looked into her eyes and could tell that she was serious about her request. It was these moments of treasured silence and our intense discussions about all things mysterious that made our relationship so unique and special. Throughout my whole life, I had never met another soul who was as intrigued by the secrets of the universe as Precious was. And this was what made my role as her mother a privilege of the highest sorts.

'Ma,' she persisted, 'you've spent your whole life trying to figure these things out, aren't you going to teach me how to find peace and joy? I want you to give me the technology for a happy and satisfied life. I'm tired of trying to solve these human puzzles about life and relationships. They bewilder me. Sometimes I feel like the questions in my head will drive me mad. Is there a way to figure out this thing called life?'

I felt my heart expand and suddenly my aura stretched far enough to caress hers. A perceptible tremble seemed to ripple across the length of her body as that happened. Was this a request from my daughter, I contemplated, or a soul who had contracted to learn from me, a long time before she chose me as her mother? Was this the reason she was born to me? I wondered about our cosmic relationship and took a deep sigh.

'Of course my dearest, I promise to teach you everything I know. But first we must pray.'

We closed our eyes and placing our attention upon our heart chakras, let them rotate and expand. Then, as I uttered the prayer, just loud enough so that only she and I could hear the chant, we merged our energies in the stillness of our hearts.

Dear Lord, I seek

Strength for my child,

Who is feeling infirm and weak.

Cast your gaze upon her being,

Wash away all impurities

Both seen and unseen

Beam your light upon her cells

So they may grow strong

And battle whatever makes her unwell.

Place your hands upon her now

So you may heal all aspects

Of her body, mind and soul.

Channel your strength to her mind

So she may endure bravely

And soon wellness find.

Enfold your arms around her form

So she knows you are close

When she hurts or is forlorn.

Let your mercy be upon her soul

Fortify her muscles, cells, bones, blood and nerves

Bless her with your compassionate heart

So she may emerge from this illness

Stronger, better, wiser Like a true brave heart.

As I lay in bed later that night, I thought about her request. It was beginning to happen. She was waking up from the hypnotic spell of ignorance. The sacred law commanded that when a student sought help, it was to be given. The only imperative was that the yearning for knowledge had to be authentic. I had been taught that unless the student was ready to outgrow her darkness, she was not to be given the secret codes.

Not only because this was sacred knowledge, but also because its value would remain hidden from someone who had no spiritual hunger. Like a blind man who walks past the greatest treasure, not recognising its true worth, so also, the un-awakened man would discard these simple but immensely powerful codes as nonsensical. He would be unable to comprehend the idea, that when followed, these principles could potentially transform his life.

The sacred fire in her was burning brighter now. Its flames were fanning her thirst to know more about the mysteries of existence. Hoping to nourish and feed her positive tendencies (suvasana), I decided to share some of the most important lessons that life had taught me.


My Precious One,

There will be occasions when life will appear less friendly than you'd like it to be. At such times the voices in your head may rebel, complaining about your circumstances and asking the question, 'Why me?' Entangled in many frustrating and complex thoughts you will wonder why your life is so difficult or empty.

'There's got to be more to my life than dull routines and unfinished jobs. I am fed up of being constantly pushed around. I don't want to live like this anymore. I want my life to have meaning. How can I make that happen? Can I change my destiny's course?'

When you find yourself asking these questions, you may have reached a point when life seems too hard and burdensome. Remember then, that it is also pregnant with hope. Even though you may not be able to see it, tomorrow's sun will be waiting to shine upon the dark night of your soul. If you turn inwards and look for the deeper reasons underlying your suffering, you shall discover the true meaning of life, and why you are here. Don't brood or dwell in your sadness then. Nurture your positive tendencies and let your suvasana grow. It shall magically open the windows of your intuitive mind and lead you closer to your soul.

The ten principles I share below will activate your positive tendencies and anchor them in the soil of hope. By practicing these principles regularly, you will magnetise many unseen forces that will support and help you to grow in ways you have never imagined before. Amidst the chaos of your unfavourable circumstances, the fabric of a magnificent new future will unsuspectingly be woven with the threads of your deep reflections and changing perceptions. Quite like an architect demolishes an old house and remodels it into a magnificent work of art, you shall tear down the old energy structures that limit you and keep you trapped in the terror of illusion.


The resilience principle

Never stay down for too long. Your spirit is indomitable.

Your spirit can never be captured, it can only be suppressed by your own fears. If you trust it deeply, it shall make sure you bounce back soon enough. Its nature is to elevate you and help you soar high into the sky of possibilities. No matter how many times you feel broken, crushed, defeated and destroyed, you can rise from the ashes, as does the Phoenix.

When people let you down and circumstances seem hard, allow yourself to feel the pain fully without attempting to make sense of it all. Let go the need to understand, for your mind shall only keep you stuck. Instead, breathe to the rhythm of your pain and just let it flow out. Then get your broken pieces together and go back to life and living again. This time you shall bounce even higher, because you have reduced the weight of pain inside your heart. Having done that, it is only natural that you will emerge from it stronger, braver and wiser from the experience of your past. Adopt hope as your best friend, invoke the power of your spirit through prayer, tend to your wounded wings, and then take to the skies again. It's where you belong.


The projection principle

Never let anyone steal your sense of worthiness.

Judgements will come your way. People are likely to say and do things that will hurt you. In their unloving states, many will utter atrocities and cast cruel labels upon you. When they make you feel you are not good enough, capable enough, loving enough, giving enough, smart enough, or just too ordinary and plain, don't take their opinions to heart. Let them slip away like water slides over an oiled surface. Don't own those criticisms.

Know that when people judge you, their blind and wounded parts are speaking. They are unmindfully projecting their damage onto you because their personal pain and emotional injuries make them act and behave in unloving ways. Deep inside they are aching terribly too and they don't feel so good about themselves, except they don't know this yet. Remember, it's not who they think you are that determines your worth; it's who God created you to be that matters.

Never allow their damaging words to corrupt the innocence of your heart. You are God's precious treasure. Guard this knowledge with all your might. Know that you were, you are, and you always will be worthy of God's love. Don't ever trust the uncomfortable lies people unknowingly state about you not being good enough. Even if you can't believe it just yet, cling tenaciously to the thought that you are a particle of God.


The perspective principle

When things look really bad, change the way you look at them.

Giving your difficult situation a powerful positive twist can change how you feel about your life. Psychologists commonly refer to this shift in perception as re-framing. The trick is to look for the silver lining and drape the whole dark cloud in its hue. The pain in most situations comes primarily from the meanings you ascribe to things. Change the meaning and you will do away with the pain. The unworthy feelings that a young man who has recently been dumped by his girlfriend may feel, vanish quite rapidly when he begins to notice that the high emotional investment in her kept him from succeeding at his job. When that paradigm becomes evident, he moves easily from feeling like a loser to being the eligible bachelor again. How you feel about life is simply the product of your interpretations. If despite your positive re-interpretation things still look bad, focus only on what that experience is teaching you, and don't waste time looking back.

Never stay trapped in your pain for too long, for you might end up making good friends with it. Sit and talk to it as you would with a pleasant companion on a moving train, but remember to step off at the station called 'good cry and goodbye'. As the last tear drops from your eye and a deep sigh fills your heart, let the pain move on like a chugging train that speeds quickly out of sight. Then retrain your mind to focus upon your blessings and strengths, be grateful for the lessons adversity is teaching you, extract the milk of learning, and seek purpose in your pain; the purpose of learning and growing.


The perseverance principle

Whatever you do, do as though your whole life depends on it.

Give every effort your very best. Give it your absolute 100%. If you succeed, thank God for guiding, inspiring and giving you strength. If you fail, thank Him for giving you an opportunity to learn, grow and become wiser from that event. Always play to win and lose to learn. Live passionately, regardless of whether you fail or succeed.

When failure visits you, don't lose hope. It is undoubtedly the world's best teacher and it will surely help you to become a better person, even if it doesn't lead you to success. So, conquer the fears that prevent you from experimenting with life. Chase your creative dreams and mould them with the clay of courage. Spend time doing things that make you happy, for in doing them, you shall connect with a deep peace within you that will give you the energy and strength to face life's adversities with greater calm.


The diversity principle

Don't put all your emotions into one basket. Spread the risk.

Invest yourself emotionally in a multitude of things that give you joy. If you expect to find happiness from relationships only, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Instead, find time to do things that make your heart sing. Include personal aspirations and hobbies, sports, health related passions (like going to the gym, yoga, spa therapies, etc), social causes, community efforts, prayers and spiritual endeavours, besides relationships. Make sure your emotional sustenance comes from several sources. Then, when disappointment or hurt knocks on one door, you can always turn to another source of comfort, to renew your spirit. Always spread your emotional risks and rewards.

Let go of hurtful relationships and abusive people. You become the company you keep, so if you want to be loving and kind, avoid the company of angry and cynical people. When someone stops valuing you and your skills and talents, or disrespects your passions and the expression of who you are, walk away from those relationships. They have probably reached their expiry date and will bring you nothing but bitterness, pain and dis-ease.

Understand that people let you down not because they want to, but because they are struggling with their own inner confusions, conflicts and misguided perceptions. When a relationship becomes toxic, practice forgiveness and just move on. If you don't, you shall lose your positivity and trust in the universe. You shall let the ugliness of that experience unconsciously erode your belief in yourself and in others. Don't let that happen to you. Trust and faith must remain your loyal friends. Remember, you can choose not to be broken or shattered by what others do, or don't do. Train yourself to bounce back from every offence that life inflicts upon you.

Know that change is the eternal nature of things. Nothing ever remains the same. All relationships change, even the most beautiful ones. Accept this wisdom as a universal truth and live by it. Respect yourself enough to walk away when others become blind to your inherent goodness.


The unshackling principle

Learn the art of letting go.

Give up clinging to people, possessions, perceptions and opinions. It stunts your spirit and limits