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The Preacher

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Jesse braced himself for the question he knew Pastor Whipple would ask. The old gentleman took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. He then looked Jesse square in the face, “Jesse, do you have a call from God to serve him in full time ministry?”
From his earliest memories of childhood, Jesse had always felt a special connection to the church. The adults in his life recognized this and gave him continual guidance and encouragement as he nurtured what they believed to be a budding call toward a life in ministry. As adulthood loomed on the horizon of his young life, Jesse couldn't help but wonder whether the nudge he felt toward an ecclesiastical vocation was driven more by the expectations of his friends and family, especially his parents and great grandmother, than by the Lord.
Further complicating the situation was an unfortunate turn of events which left him struggling mentally, physically, and emotionally.
Beyond all of this, the object of his affection, the girl who had been at his side supporting him through the most difficult time of his life, had become the disdain of many who felt her an inappropriate match for a young future clergyman.
Jesse wrinkled his forehead, “I would like to say yes, absolutely, but since my accident, I’m not sure that I’m fully equipped to take on such a responsibility.”
Pastor Whipple smiled, “I didn’t ask if there were any extenuating circumstances which would inhibit your ability to fill the ministerial role. I asked whether or not you are called into God’s holy ministry.”
Jesse stared at him blankly considering how to answer...

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