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Do Unto Others: A Cate Harlow Private Investigation

Length: 282 pages4 hours


Cate Harlow’s ex-husband and the love of her life, NYC Detective Will Benigni, has been shot and is in a dangerous dance with life and death at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital.

His captain tells Cate that this was no random act of violence. This was an outright murder attempt on Will’s life. Whoever shot him wanted him dead.

While Cate’s deals with the emotionally charged impact of seeing Will in a drug-induced coma in ICU, she is also dealing with a very strange missing spouse case.

Cate is hired to find a woman named Wendy Wigand who went missing over a year ago. Neither her body, nor any trace of the woman, was ever found. A strange part of this case is that every single picture of this woman has disappeared, as well.

The husband demands closure. “No matter what you find, I have to know what happened, so I can get on with my life.”

With no picture and no social contacts for this missing person to help her case, Cate is frustrated in her attempts to find the woman. It is as if Wendy Wigand never existed.

As Cate Harlow delves deeper and deeper into the mystery, she finds herself embroiled in a story of jealousy, violence, and revenge that might tie Will’s shooting and the missing spouse case together in a dangerous web of deceit.

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