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A Dark Vow: Inked Angels MC (Book 5)

By Zoey Parker

I wanted safety. He wanted a baby.

AN ABUSIVE FIANCÉ HAD me trapped in a life I hated.

He hit me often. Hurt me plenty.

I knew one thing: I had to get away.

I took the first chance I had to escape:

With a mysterious biker I hardly knew.

He promised to protect me.

But when I hear what he wants in return,

I freak.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

I’m just praying I don’t get burned.

Growing up on the streets taught me one thing: when you want something, take it.

I play fast and loose, not nice. My job running street races for the Inked Angels MC isn’t for the lighthearted.

The women are just a perk. I’m with them for one night only — then they’re in my rearview mirror, never to be seen again.

Until Kendra.

There’s something about her.

Something fragile. Royal. Worth protecting.

Lucky for me, that’s just what she wants.

I make her a deal: protection for a baby.

I’ve spent my whole life untamed and racing time.

But when it comes to Kendra,

I’m ready to do things slowly...

One f*ck at a time.

Chapter 1


Kendra rests her head on my shoulder the whole ride home. There’s a prospect driving us in one of the luxury sedans the club owns. I’m half-tempted to have my way with her right there in the back seat. Judging by the way she’s stroking my abs, I don’t think she’d object.

We manage to hold off until we get home. The prospect drops us off and pulls out down the road. But I can’t even get the door unlocked before she pounces on me. She wraps her legs around my back and shoves her tongue down my throat.

This is the girl who was just having a panic attack in the club. She went from not being able to breathe, to coming on my fingers, to attacking me like my dick’s the last drink of water on the planet. If I wasn’t just as eager to ravish her, I’d think she was insane.

I bump into the doorframe, fumbling with the keys and trying to get everything unlocked so we can go inside. I’m about to say fuck it all and just fuck her right on the front lawn, when I finally open the door and we stumble into the living room.

Our tongues are tangled together as we feel our way to the bedroom in back. We’re careening off furniture and not feeling an ounce of pain. All my attention is on this girl: her warm body, her tiny hands, the dripping heat of her pussy. My cock is straining to find its way to her. It wants a rough, animal pounding, not anything sweet or drawn out.

I can tell she feels the same. Every time our kiss breaks apart for even a moment, I catch sight of a fierce hunger in her face. Her mouth hangs open and her eyes sparkle. Even in the midst of the overwhelming heat, I still find myself looking at her and thinking the same thing I always do when I see Kendra: Fuck, she’s beautiful.

We stagger through to the bedroom. There’s no time to waste; neither of us have any patience left for anything that isn’t banging our bodies together until we both come. I want to see her writhing on my dick, moaning, seizing furiously so that her eyes roll back into her head and her toes curl. Everything else is irrelevant.

I sling her lithe frame onto the bed. I’m just a split second behind her, shucking my shirt off as I fall behind her. My hands are rough on her hips. I flip her onto her hands and knees and yank her dress up over her ass.

Goddamn, it’s a piece of art. Her skin is black and smooth. I give her curves a rub and a gentle spank. She lets out a surprised cry, then looks back at me over her shoulder.

Don’t make me wait, Mortar, she says. Her voice is as dripping with desire, as her pussy is.

I slide a finger into her. She drops her elbows and presses her face against the pillows to stifle the moans. I feel her juices trickling past my knuckle as her walls tighten around my hand, drawing it further inwards. Instead, I fight back, withdrawing my finger and unbuckling my pants. I shove them past my knees and pull my member free from the fabric.

Kendra reaches between her legs and cups my balls as I line the head of my cock up against her and push forward. Her nimble fingers and the perfect fit of her pussy around me are heavenly. No drug on earth as good as pussy, and this is the best I’ve ever had.

Fuck me, Mortar, she says. Make me forget him.

That’s all the encouragement I need. At the mere suggestion of Grady, adrenaline surges through my muscles. I start to pound into Kendra. The headboard knocks against the wall with each harsh thrust. I would almost worry that I was hurting her if I didn’t hear the loud moan that accompanied every stroke. Her throat must be raw, screaming like that. I wonder how much is involuntary and how much of it is an attempt to block out the rest of the world. For Kendra, this isn’t just about fucking me. It’s about saying fuck you to Grady and everyone else who ever held her to less than what she could be. The screams aren’t just in response to the sex, though it is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before. It’s screaming at everything and everyone.

I slap each cheek of her ass and drive deeper into her. She keeps stroking my balls as I retreat and attack relentlessly. I seize a handful of her hair and pull towards me so that she arches her back.

Don’t stifle those screams, baby, I tell her. I want everyone to hear you.

Her moans are long and loud. I reach around and massage her breasts through her dress. I want to consume her whole body. I want to take this fragile, delicate girl to the breaking point.

She puts a hand on my thigh to keep me inside of her as I clench once, twice, and then let loose a torrent of cum deep within her pussy. It feels like sweet fire ripping through me as I empty a huge load into her. I start to pull out, but she digs her nails into my thigh and refuses to let me leave her until every last drop is gone.

Then she curls up next to me and we fall into a black, dreamless sleep.

WHEN WE WAKE UP LATE the next morning, I look over at Kendra. She’s got her eyes screwed shut against the sun peeking through the curtains, like sheer willpower will make the night last longer. Eventually, she sighs and opens them, blinking away the remnants of sleep. She’s still in her dress from the night before. Looking down at it, she frowns, then rolls over.

Help me unzip it, she says. I tug the zipper down her body and hold onto the bottom edge while she wriggles out. Free from the garment, she settles back in next to me, naked and soft, and smiles.

My arm is wrapped around her. She rests her head on my bicep like it’s a pillow. Her free hand walks up and down my torso, feeling my muscles and tracing my tattoos like she always does. I’d be content to lay here like this forever.

The image of us doing this years from now hits me with a pang. I see the one element missing: a baby snoozing between us. An infant that