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Break Me, Outlaw: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance: War Reapers MC, #1

Length: 142 pages2 hours


Break Me, Outlaw is book 1 in the War Reapers MC series. Parts 1-6 are available everywhere now!

Book 1: Break Me, Outlaw
Book 2: Break Me, Biker
Book 3: Break Me, Bad Boy
Book 4: Take Me, Outlaw
Book 5: Take Me, Daddy
Book 6: Take Me, Dom


I knew from the moment I walked in that this place was not meant for me. 
I was clean; this place was filthy.
I was fair; this place was dark. 
But maybe I was sick of living a safe life. 
Maybe I was sick of every little thing fitting together just so. 

I was sick of being perfect and whole. 

I wanted to be broken.

In this dark and pungent hell, I found the man to do the job.
He took me into his arms and broke me –
Over, and over, and over again.

When it was finished, I picked up the pieces of myself that remained, and I left.
But things never end that easily. 
I didn’t know it then, but when I ran, I took something with me.
Something I never wanted…
Something I never asked for…

The baby of the man who’d owned me.

Now, my unborn child and I are helpless pawns in some sick and twisted game.
People are being hurt, killed. 
I can’t stand to watch anymore.

All I can do is cry, and plead, and beg. 
All I can say are three little words:

Please, for the love of God…
“Break me, outlaw.”

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