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Alabaster Bayou

Length: 303 pages5 hours


If death had a face, it would be hers.

Typically serial killers are thought of as awkward and socially challenged, less than human, beings. The worst monster of all is a real one. When one examines the life of a serial killer, usually, it becomes less difficult to pick him or her out of a crowd. What if, a serial killer was so noticeable because of her undeniable beauty, yet the last person anyone would suspect? 
Celestine Clemence is just that. A rare violet eyed creole vixen that can’t be denied. Set in New Orleans against a 1940 backdrop, Alabaster Bayou tells the story of this troubled murderess. 

Celestine is the illegitimate daughter of Senator and rich playboy Dylan Vaughn. He is a cold man who’ll use anyone to get his way, including Celestine’s mother Mary Anne. After so many years of being Vaughn’s dirty little secret, Mary Anne threatens to expose the power hunger Senator in hopes of forcing him to acknowledge his own daughter. Dylan Vaughn then kills Mary Anne to rid himself of the problem. This sets Celestine off on a revenge seeking path.

Once Celestine achieves her target and takes out her enemy #1, she discovers that her passion for killing has gone from justice fueled to murdering for the satisfying thrill of it all.

She is quiet, premeditated and most of all discreet. It doesn’t take long for Celestine to become the full-fledged killer she can no longer deny. Alabaster Bayou is filled with an on-going sense of a cat and mouse game, with Celestine’s good side and dark side at a constant tug of war. This story gets up close and personal with an eloquent and calculated serial killer who sees murder as a necessary art form. Since she is a killer who does so for her own dark pleasures, a real problem is proposed when pieces of her art start to surface from the bayou and along the shores of Lake Pontchartrain. Now her whole secret life is in threat of being exposed.

This crazy cat however, enjoys toying with detectives. An even bigger twist is thrown into the mix when Celestine meets a man that calms her killer side and brings out the loving lady side in her. Will she stay with him out of love or will she flee the perfect man because of a killer instinct she can’t refuse?

18+ - Parental Discretion Advised

Author Bio: I have been writing since the age of 7. I was published 1st at 16 again at 19 and then proceeded to release several novels and short works. I am passionate and writing will always be the air that I breathe.

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