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Lesson 1



Daniel 1:8, 11–17, 20

Background Scripture: Daniel 1

Word Up! Trust God’s plan .


To allow more space for exposition, all lesson print Scripture passages may not appear in their entirety.

SIDELINE QUESTION: What are some ways that you can know God’s plan is best?


The Bible teaches us that being different for the Lord is always the best option, even if we experience some sort of earthly pain for it. God has many different rules for those who follow Him. Sometimes they can seem hard to follow and cause more difficulty in our lives. God wants us to follow His commands because He wants us to be good representations of Him. Daniel knew this because he was a devout follower of God and knew the teachings and laws that he was supposed to uphold. His friends, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, were also followers of God. Daniel had an issue though. His people, the Hebrew people, were being ruled by their enemies, the Babylonians. The Babylonian king was a man named Nebuchadnezzar who disgraced the Hebrew people and, at first, forced them to follow false gods rather than the only God. In today’s passage, we see Daniel and his three friends were brought to the king’s palace because they were seen as wise and handsome. The king had created a diet that he wanted all of his subjects to follow. This diet was directly against everything that God had told His people to eat. The four men found themselves in a tough place, but they knew they had to do the right thing.

I. Finding Favor (Daniel 1:8, 11–17)

Sometimes doing the right thing can be scary and uncertain. The consequences of following God’s rules are often met with adversity from others at first, but His plan always works out for the good of the Kingdom. We just have to trust that God’s plan is the best plan, even when we can’t tell that it is. Daniel’s situation was no different. Once Daniel and his friends had made up their minds that they would not defile God’s law, they told the palace master, who was kind of like an assistant to the king. God had allowed the men to find favor with the palace master, so he was willing to help them. However, the palace master was afraid to tell the king that Daniel and his friends were not going to eat the food. They needed proof that God’s diet was healthier than the king’s. When God asks us to do something difficult, He will provide us help in one way or another. In Daniel’s story, his help came from God revealing the test that they would conduct to prove to the king that God’s diet was better than his. The king’s diet consisted of many prohibited things, such as wine and red meat. God’s diet consisted of vegetables and fruits. The Hebrew men wanted to test themselves against the others who were eating the king’s diet. Daniel told the palace master that for ten days, they would eat what the Lord had commanded them, and the other men in the court were to eat what the king wanted. After the ten days were finished, they would present themselves before the king. He would analyze which group of men seemed to be in better physical and mental condition. God blessed the four young men for taking on this challenge and trusting God’s will over what the king commanded. Verse 17 says that God gave them knowledge and skills in wisdom, and He gave Daniel the ability to interpret dreams and