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From the Author

Thanks so much for picking up this novella! I had a fabulous time writing ESCORT. To this day, Ember is one of my favorite bad boys. He’s grizzly and sweet in a way that really tugs your heart out of your chest, and Selena is one of those rare heroines who, despite all the horrible circumstances she’s found herself in, manages to prove that she’s not just some wimpy pushover.

If you like Escort, you might enjoy some of my other books, as well! The Inked Angels MC story continues in my Vow series, beginning with Book 1, A SINFUL VOW. You can find the books on all major online bookstores!

Just like all of my books, Escort features adult characters who speak their mind, have sex, and fall in love, often while getting into some very graphic situations along the way. The book features foul language and vivid depictions of sex and violence, so be sure all children have been safely stowed away before you start to read! Of course, there is no cheating, and everything ends with a happily ever after.

Enough from me! Get to reading. I hope you love the book. If you want to send me a note, I can always be reached at

Happy Reading!



Escort: Inked Angels MC

By Zoey Parker

From now on, you’re not going anywhere without me. Understand?


I joined this club for three things:

Bikes, broads, and booze.

Babysitting was never part of the job description.

Escorting some rich guy’s brat across the border?

No thanks.

But I’m the only guy for the job.

I figured I’d get an easy lay out of it.

I never expected to be ducking bullets to save the girl.

But life can be funny,

And when she’s snatched away from me, there’s only one thing to do:

Get her back...

...and make her MINE.


Kidnapped from home and dragged a thousand miles away?

It’s been a bad week to say the least.

Things only get worse when I’m handed over yet again... the sexiest man I’ve ever seen in my life.

He’s tall, rugged, and utterly infuriating.

At first, all I wanted was a taste of freedom.

But now, the only thing I crave is another taste of him.

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Clubhouse


A w, shut your mouth and give me another shot of whiskey, I growled at Blade behind the bar. He scowled at me, but reached down to grab the bottle from under the counter top and slide it down to where I was sitting. I caught it in one tattooed hand, ripped the top off, and threw a monstrous gulp right down my throat. Who had time to pour this shit in the glass, anyways? When I decided to get drunk, I wanted to do it fast, and that meant no fuckin' around.

Straight down the hatch she went. I let out a fiery burp and wiped off my lips with the back of my hand. The bottle had been a quarter-full when I'd picked it up, but it was bone dry now, courtesy of yours truly.

I looked around the room. Hard rock was grinding through the speaker system and cigarette smoke hung in the air, thicker than the bitch that Mortar had sucking his dick over in one shadowy corner. The bastard lived right down the hall, less than a hundred feet away from where he was currently sitting, and yet he still hadn't even bothered to give the girl a little bit of privacy while she bobbed all over his junk.

I laughed. Mortar was a grimy motherfucker, but goddamn, he could really crack me up sometimes.

Besides, girls didn't flock to the Inked Angels MC clubhouse to be treated like fairy fuckin' princesses. They came here to get fucked silly, 'til they were screaming their heads off. It was that simple; these chicks knew the deal. We weren't gentlemen, we weren't nice guys, we weren't their fuckin' boyfriends. We were Inked Angels – beginning and end of story.

I took another glance around, trying to decide which chick I wanted to fuck tonight. There was a short-haired brunette in the corner with an ass just begging to be spanked. I also saw a blonde with DD tits busting out of a top barely big enough to cover her nipples and a redhead with lips that would look even nicer with my cock squeezed between 'em. Every single one of them was giving me the fuck me eyes while I watched, and I hadn't even said a damn word to any of them.

It was all par for the course. I'd never had a problem with bedding women, even before I'd joined the Angels. Guys like me – six foot three, shredded to the teeth, and packing the nine-inch dick that every woman dreamed of getting lucky enough to take for a ride – were never too worried about finding the next piece of ass. Having the skull logo of the Inked Angels inked onto my shoulder only made the whole process that much easier.

I leaned back over the bar. Which one you think I should take home? I asked Blade. I jerked my head back towards the three potential lays I'd spotted already. Blade surveyed the room, licking his lips appreciatively.

That redhead is dying for someone to bend her over, if you ask me, he said. But then again, the tits on that blonde, damn. Blade whistled, raised his shoulders, and said, Fuck it, who cares? Take 'em all, Ember. Welcome to the Angels life. He clapped me on the shoulder before returning to tending bar.

Blade was right. The Angels insignia was a free pass for pussy, and a whole lot of other shit, too. I was only six months in, but it still made me chuckle whenever I walked into the strip club or the bar and saw how everyone jumped to get me whatever I wanted right away. This was a lifestyle I was getting comfortable with, real quickly.

I knocked back another drink and decided that I wanted the redhead. Time to go let her know how her night was gonna end.

Kicking back from the bar, I spun around and faced her. I zeroed in and strode over, chest out, cocky as fuck, and ready to let the whole goddamn world know that Ember was about to get laid.

I didn't say a word as I walked up and planted myself in front of her. Instead, I let my body do the talking. That usually did the job on its own. I watched her as she traced her gaze over my biceps, rippling with muscle and swirling ink, up to the sharp cut of my jaw, grazed with dark stubble. My emerald green eyes were laser focused on hers.

It was too easy. I hadn't said a thing and she was already putty in my hands. It was obvious – the way she relaxed her shoulders back and pushed her tits forward, the way she tugged down her shirt to reveal the edge of a lacy black bra, the tongue that she ran over her slightly parted lips. Getting pussy was as effortless as breathing.

Now for the fun part. Do you like getting fucked? I asked her, I settled back to let my words sink in.

The redhead's eyes grew large as hubcaps. She didn't