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By Moonlight

Length: 71 pages1 hour


~ The heat of one night spent together seared their bodies... and marked their souls... ~

I never intended to fall this fast, or even this deeply, but here I am. I'd say I'm smitten if it didn't sound so undignified for a centuries-old vampire, but dignified or not, my feelings for Florian are undeniable.

And his feelings for me ring loud and clear in every look, every smile, every touch he offers me: affection and need, desire and tenderness.

After a few days apart, our reunion promises to be memorable... with or without a guest joining us for the night...

(16.100 words)

Vampire Delights Serial:
Book 1 - By Twilight
Book 2 - By Moonlight
Book 3 - By Candlelight
Book 4 - In The Limelight
Book 5 - In Full Sunlight

This vampire romance book, By Moonlight, centers on a Male/Female relationship. Other installments include Male/Male/Female and Male/Female/Male interactions.

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