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Obeying Griffin: Below the Belt Trilogy, #3

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Obeying Griffin is book 3 and the finale of the Below the Belt Trilogy!

He didn't need a chokehold to take my breath away.


I’ve got my career and reputation to worry about. The last thing I need is some bad boy adrenaline junkie who can’t keep his hands to himself.

So why does the sight of this guy make me want to drop to my knees?

This guy could practically snap me with those massive arms and his double-wide hands. It’s primal. It’s disgusting.

So why do I want it?

He makes headlines with his strong fists and fast women. He discards everyone and everything. I’m a smart girl—too smart to set myself up.

So why am I dying for him to knock me down?


She’s just another clean-cut girl hoping to piss off daddy by bringing a bruiser like me around.

Still, I’d like to see that uptight little suit on my bedroom floor.

She thinks she’s smarter than me. I wanna take her down a notch. In fact, I wanna take her all the way down.

A girl like that is just aching to be broken by a man like me.

She seems so pure, so untouched—more likely to curl up with a book than a man.

But we’ll see how much she feels like reading after I’m behind her with a fistful of that gorgeous hair.

Go ahead, sweetheart. Roll those beautiful eyes and use that condescending tone on me.

Soon enough you’ll be tapping out.

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