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Some Sexy Stuff - Michael David Wall, Jr

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Some Sexy Stuff: Some Fun Stuff: And Some Other Serious Stuff.


Michael David Wall, Jr.

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Sex, sex, sometimes someone isn’t ready yet for sex; it can be a guy or a woman; that the person wants to wait; that they want it to be with someone who to them is almost chosen by fate; someone they think they want to spend their whole life with; and sometimes that person meets someone else who does pressure them into having sex; before their ready; when they want someone with whom they are at least going steady. And sometimes that person for the rest of their life does regret; that they weren’t ready yet; it isn’t rape; it’s just being pressured into having sex before they want to; it is true.

Some people really want to wait; and they don’t feel the need to sate; sometimes someone young goes with someone old; and they sort of do what their told. And the young person does not feel bold: And it does sometimes happen by the older person; maybe after they have lived together for a while: The older person kicks out: The younger person without style. So, if you are young; be careful of really living with someone much older; because more than you; they are bolder. And they may just kick you out; and they may at you more than pout.

The Voluptuous woman; sometimes she doesn’t know how sexy she is; that guys desire her; and they want to make love to her with fire; the voluptuous woman is always listening to the wrong people; and maybe she doesn’t notice how on the street that men at her stare; is that fair? Why is the voluptuous woman with an hourglass figure always told to lose weight; it is more than fate; usually it is a skinny woman or women who are making her feel down; and at her; they do frown; maybe the skinny women are really jealous; and that is why they make such a fuss. And with the voluptuous woman do fuss and more than muss.

At what age should the young be educated about sex; maybe sixteen? They are old enough than I do mean. But, is sex education in school enough; in school it is rough; when is it right to tell kids about sex; would it their life wreck? But, maybe sixteen is the age? Without anyone going into a rage: But, maybe the parents should be the ones to do it; or maybe an Uncle? Maybe just ask an Uncle to educate the kid about sex. Maybe sex education should sort of be left in the Family? I don’t know; others can debate on this; maybe?

The Sexy woman in The Little Black Dress; some guys she does cause more than distress. She knows she is sexy; she knows to be out she is ready; in her Little Black Dress; she hits the town; and no one does treat her like a clown; men fall over each other; just to try to get her to drink another drink; what does she think? She knows she is all that; and at that there is no drat; and she is not out to play the brat; sometimes she is single and out on the town; and she wants to party around; but sometimes she is smart too; and she brings a friend with her or two. She has a friend or two; just to make sure that she doesn’t select the wrong guy; and be stuck with worse than the flu.

The Hoar; the hoar; most people don’t talk about too much; but there are Hoars: Some people don’t talk about the hoar. But, sometimes the hoar does roar. Sometimes the hoar does have enough; she has enough of her pimp; and being treated like a simp; sometimes the hoar does reach out to a nice guy; to a nice guy she does fly; but this is unfortunate; but it is true; sometimes the hoar doesn’t last; and she wants to retreat to her old life really fast; maybe it isn’t enough money; and that isn’t funny; maybe the nice guy doesn’t make enough money to satisfy her; that is for sure; so the hoar isn’t happy; and she doesn’t feel glad; and at the guy she is mad; so sometimes if the hoar has her name on the lease and the guy doesn’t; the hoar will make sure the guy does leave; even if she totally has to hurt him; and it is more than a whim.

Is there anything that can be done for a woman on drugs? Beside; her just ignoring people and asking them not to bug; sometimes women want to be on drugs; that it is what they want; and trying to get them off; they will more at you than taunt; that they really make people feel bad and sad; and like they don’t want to know the woman on drugs anymore; that is for sure.

Why do women; make big women feel bad; shouldn’t the feminists agree with that; if a woman is big: Should people make her feel and call her a pig? I mean; shouldn’t feminists actually think that a woman being big is great; that big women actually have an advantage; that if a man did try a big woman to rape; he would have a lot of trouble on the double? Isn’t it always skinny and small women who get into problems: So, why can’t women be big?

The Big Breasted Lady is always tested; and she isn’t always bested; she gets tired of men staring at her chest day after day; and it is always the same way; so sometimes she wears a bra which makes her breasts look smaller; and sometimes the small breasted woman wears a bra which makes her breasts look bigger; but there is more to women than breasts; and smart guys know this; the smart guy may stare at a woman’s breasts for five seconds; but then he goes to look at her face; sometimes later he might get another quick look; but for the nice and smart guy; there is more to women than their breasts; and some guys pass that test.

Sometimes it gets late; and some people don’t want to go to bed; bedtime they do dread; they have stuff they want to stay up and do; it is true; and sometimes they are with someone else; who doesn’t want to go to bed either; sometimes people just stay away from bed; and only after they have done all they can; and more; do they head to bed.

Hunger; hunger can make someone a bungler; sometimes when people don’t stop to eat; that they don’t realize they need a treat; they can make a mistake; and it can sometimes be a big mistake; that if they would just take the time to stop to eat; then maybe with newer challenges they could meet; but sometimes someone is really in the mode; and they feel like with energy they do explode; and their physical needs are overrode.

How do you know if someone is right for you; it is true; how do you know if you are with the right person; because once you are married it is done: maybe couples should take compatibility tests that really work? And from this not shirk; maybe before a couple decides to be with each other the whole rest of their lives; and maybe in sadness; or anger do writhe; maybe they should take a compatibility test that is sure to work; and maybe then the woman wouldn’t always be calling the man a jerk. And even from Children’s needs do shirk.

But, how do you know someone is right for you? I’m not sure if there is any trick too; the only thing to do is to keep going with them; you keep dating them if you click. That is the trick; if you go good together; then you should stay together; but even if together you are great; even when you date; you don’t know if you want to live with the person? It might; or might not be fun; and over your life your partner might overrun.

The Lover, the lover, the lover that does shove; sometimes for your lover; you aren’t good enough; and she is more than rude; as you she does try to improve; she does tries to teach; and for higher goals does try to make you reach; but she ends up acting more like a mother than a lover; and you find yourself not so attracted to her anymore; that is sure; and sometimes she is older than you. It is true; the lover that can act like a mother; she can sometimes be older than you; but she can be around your age too.

The man who can do this; he is like a genius; for the first time making love to a woman; fill the room with roses; and have rose petals in the room; and maybe the woman will treat the man; after that like a groom; but it is more than nice; and it is not a vice; to at least have rose petals in the room; and leading to the room for the first time a man and woman make love.

Some guys worry about this; are they too small down below; and there is more than that to a relationship; but some guys do worry; and sometimes it makes them hurry. But, some guys do worry about that. But, there may be exercises out there that can make a man bigger down below; if a man cares to search and try to know.

How can you show someone you really care? Maybe just by buying them food; and about it not being rude; to buy the person you are with the food they want; and at that they won’t taunt; but giving money is good too; and there are restaurant cards that can be given too; to show that you care; cards with money on them from restaurants; and you don’t need to put too much on them to over flaunt.

Sometimes; and to some this is apparent; to others not; to show that you care; take a shower before you meet your lover; take a long hot shower before your lover you do see; that is a way to show that you care; and with them be fair; to take a shower; and smell nice; and not of vice.

Sometimes for a long time; you are away from your lover; and her you do miss; and when you meet her; you want to kiss; but sometimes they don’t feel like it so much; so instead; you can hug; without too much your lover to bug.

There are actually women out there; while you are with them; that say they want you to get a girlfriend; it is true; and a young guy may not know what to do; but sometimes; it is as simple as to them staying true; just tell the woman you don’t want to date anyone other than her; for sure; and then maybe she will like you more; for sure.

The advice given above; goes for this too; sometimes a woman will say she wants an open relationship; that she wants to date other people; and that is fine; tell her that if she wants to date other people that is okay; but maybe for you stay alone; if you really like this woman; and after she has been with more than one jerk; she will get over the quirk; and she will come back to only dating you; ready and true.

The Police; the police; sometimes they forget this; it is true; this is supposed to be their calling card: True Blue, to paraphrase; I don’t know where the saying comes from; but; true blue; the police are supposed to: Serve and Protect., and sometimes some police officers that maxim do forget. The Police are supposed to serve and protect; but this is the trouble; some police officers sometimes do that saying and more than saying; reject.

Love, love; sometimes young people fall in love; and or puppy love,