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The Modern Money Playbook

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Are you ready to take your money game to the next level?

What is The Modern Money Playbook?

The Modern Money Playbook is not just another book about penny pinching or weird paths to wealth.
It is NOT about brown bagging it and using both sides of the toilet paper for the rest of your life
- yet these tactics will help you improve significantly in keeping and growing your money

It is NOT about risking it all with debt leverage or striking it rich on the internet
-yet these actionable plays will show you how to begin your diligent accumulation of wealth and triple your income in a rock-solid fashion

The Modern Money Playbook is A SHORTCUT.

Insufficient income and savings are symptoms of a much greater problem that is difficult to realize, but simple to remedy. Inside you will find a concise playbook of principles created after interviewing, mentoring, and reading hundreds of truly wealthy and happy experts on what will flat work for anyone with the guts to change.

It’s time for financial literacy and abundance in your life:

• Get out of debt for good
• Learn to save big
• Invest wisely without all the fees
• Get on the path to financial freedom

The Modern Money Playbook will teach you to tackle debt, end paycheck to paycheck thinking forever, and lay the foundation to start investing wisely. You will get the tactics necessary to triple your finances and half your expenses in this quick read.

Take command today!

10% of all net revenue is donated directly to World Vision - feeding the needy around the globe.

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