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Convincing Leopold (London Legal Book 2)

Length: 139 pages1 hour


Never get between a reformed rake and his lover.

Three months ago, Leopold Thornton gave up his old, indulgent lifestyle to follow the man he loves to London. But now that he and Arthur Barrington have settled down, doubts are creeping in. Desperate not to lose Arthur, Leopold resorts to the only trick he knows to convince him to stay—pleasure.

Arthur is exhausted. Overworked at the office and with a demanding lover at home, Arthur worries that perhaps he and Leopold are mismatched.

As business keeps Arthur later and later at his law office—with a handsome new secretary—Leopold’s demons begin to haunt him again. To heal their rift, Arthur will have to let go of his own past—and pull his lover back from the brink.

Warning: Includes a reformed bad boy who discovers a jealous streak, a solicitor who isn’t always so conservative, a complete lack of inhibitions, and a generous heaping of angst.

(33,500 words)

Note: This is a previously published work. This second edition has been edited with minor changes. For readers who purchased the original edition, this second edition is not substantially different.

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