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Archaeological Sciences 1995: Proceesings of a conference on the application of scientific techniques to the study of archaeology

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A huge collection of papers on scientific analysis in archaeology from a conference held in Liverpool in 1995. Papers are grouped under ten headings: Scientific analysis of Petrology ( 3 papers ); of Glass ( five papers ); of Ceramics ( 7 papers ); Metallurgy ( 9 papers ); Chronological Studies ( 9 papers ); Dendrochronological Studies ( 3 papers ); The Study of Ancient Enviroments ( 16 papers ); Remote Sensing ( 2 papers ); The Analysis of Human Remains ( 5 papers ) and Perspectives on Human Evolution and Early Hominid Artefacts ( 9 papers ). Subjects studied include Stonehenge dolerites, early Egyptian glass, Greek Archaic transport amphorae, Roman brooches, South Indian bronzes, dendrochronological datings of Viking ships, phytolith analysis from the Indus Valley, Pakistan, the microflora of the Milos catacombs, Greece and Medieval glass making technology.

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