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A Blueprint For Women’s Financial Independence

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Women live longer than men but earn less hence the need to save more in order for them to achieve financial freedom. If you’re financially independent, you can afford to worry less about financial emergencies in life. With financial independence, comes a sense of financial security... And not just that, it also gives a big boost to your self-esteem. A Blueprint for Women’s Financial Independence gives relevant methods and applications and not empty rhetoric. It is designed to make you get the best out of your life. It is important for you to understand that you belong where you want to go; so, until you make that financial decision, your financial situation will be where you are right now. Grab this blueprint and unwrap your financial destiny!

Why you need financial independence?

On average, women outlive men by seven years. When married men die, the women are left with the responsibility of looking after children. With little or no financial backbone, these women undergo untold miseries.

Secondly, the poor conditions of work for women in the service and limited or lack of skills to enter the main job market leaves women at the bottom of the economic ladder.

Thirdly, large differences in job opportunities between rural and urban areas (most women without skills live in the rural areas) affect the economic position of many families. Besides, even when skills are available, many employers are not keen to employ women in male-dominated fields. Even when they do this, women get only about 75% of what their male counterparts get.

You can avoid abusive relationships and this will give you a voting power in your relationship.

“We thank God for you Frank; this book took me from the worst to the best person I could ever be and I can never thank you enough.”

Rosemary Kgalemang, Francistown, Botswana.

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