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He kills according to the will of God. He believes in the mission that God has made manifest to him: to restore the sanctity of the Mormon Church. The means to this purification will be multiple murder.

The streets of Salt Lake City run straight and clean. The Mormons, God's chosen people on Earth, are upright and moral. Nestled between the Great Salt Lake and the Blue Mountains, the Mormons have built up a City of God, dedicated to God and to the faith that His revealed Word will prevail. But among the citizens of Salt Lake there is one man not content to rest on faith, one man who is moved to act on it. And he acts without qualm or question or mercy.

Against this killer stands Detective Tom Jackson of the Salt Lake police. Jackson, originally a New York City cop, is an outsider in a city of insiders, a man searching for his lost ideals as well as for an insane killer. He must cut through official ineptitude, blindness, and cover-up to get to the shattering truth at the center of the Tabernacle, at the dark heart of the Mormon faith.

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