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Apprenticed to the Artful Dodger

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Contains both books:

Jack Dawkins:
Jack Dawkins, once known as the Artful Dodger in the streets of London, was sent to Australia on a prison ship when he was little more than a boy. Now he has returned to find that London has changed while the boy has turned into a man.

Jack has remodeled himself as a gentleman thief, but there are complications as remnants of his past come back to plague him and he finds himself mentoring a boy who reminds him of his younger self.

A Christmas With The Dodger:
Christmas 1899 is approaching and Reg Dawkins is facing a lifetime dilemma. The Turn of the Century is a time of new beginnings and Reg is caught between nostalgia for his misspent youth and the desire to please his adopted mother by becoming a successful but honest man.

A chance encounter with an old friend takes him back into the criminal society that he thought he had escaped, but it isn't as simple as making a choice of his own path. With the dawn of a new century before him and dangerous villains chasing behind, Reg goes to the one person he can trust for advice... Jack Dawkins, The Artful Dodger himself.

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