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The Seven Executive Spirits of the Holy Spirit

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There is a powerfully unique and distinctive reality about the administration of the Holy Spirit which has been hidden throughout the ages. In the tripartite council of heaven in consonants with divine administration and governance of the universe, God the Father has appointed 24 elders around His throne. When Jesus Christ came to introduce to us and establish the Church government on earth, He also appointed His premier 12 Apostles. In light of the foregoing presentation, when the Holy Spirit took over from Jesus Christ and arrived on earth on the august day of Pentecost precisely 9am in the morning, did he come alone as the King? In this book, there is an awesome divine menu presented among other things below:

 Official greetings from the Seven Executive Spirits of the Holy Ghost.

 The Seven Executive Ministers presented.

 Apostle John on the Island of Patmos.

 The book of Isaiah as a summary of the entire Bible.

 Around the throne of the Father.

 Are the 24 Elders around the throne Angels or human beings?

 The first appearance of the Seven Spirits in the book of Judges.

 The Seven Spirits in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ on earth.

 Their functions

 Understanding the THREE LEVLES OF PRESENCE.

 The amazing principles of Ubeitous, Ubiquitous and omnipresence.

 The relationship between the Seven Spirits and the Christian.

 Their anatomies.

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