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THE CAT AND MOUSE - 4 Persian Fairytales

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Persia, that magical and mystical land centred on the Silk Route, is a land rich in folk lore. For hundreds and hundreds of years the stories in this book, and many others as well, have been told to the wondering boys and girls of that country, who, as they hear them, picture their native land as one of roses, tulips and pomegranates, where beautiful fairies build their castles in the rosy morn, and black gnomes fly around in the darkness of midnight.

As travellers journeyed along the Silk Route they brought with them the folklore from the lands of those both the East and West of Persia. And so, a beautiful tapestry of folklore and children’s tales has been woven over the centuries. Herein are four of these tales which are but a sliver of the immense library of Persian folklore.

The stories in this volume are:
The Cat and The Mouse
The Son of the Soap Seller
The King's Treasure
The King and The Fisherman

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