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Integral: Vampire - Mage - Warden

403 pages5 hours


Matthias is a vampire, tranquil and drained of emotion and color. Frank is crass, boisterous, and as full of life as he was before he turned. One is a vampire without a past, and the other is tormented by his.

When a murder in the Midwest threatens a fragile peace between man and nocturnal, the two men are forced to work together to bring one of their own to justice. But their investigation raises more questions than it answers, and when a deadly mage escapes from a university that imprisons gifted youth, the two are tasked with recovering the girl before more blood is spilt.

Beset by a mysterious mercenary company, a towering system of corruption, and their own selfish natures, Frank and Matthias must overcome their differences to survive the blistering light and the engulfing night.

About The Visceral Series

In Visceral, the world has become a complicated place. The world’s economy has collapsed, and powerful megacorporations have filled the power vacuum, carving up the world into territories they govern and exploit. 

Nocturnals, more commonly referred to as vampires, have come out of hiding to seize a piece of the world for their own. Most think of them as people with a skin condition, but only those afflicted understand the thirst, and no one is sure of the underlying agenda of this new group or the corporation headquartered in the midwest that protects them.

Not long after the collapse, gifted humans discovered the ability to manipulate matter, space, and time through a connection with the Ethereal Plane. Corporations move quickly to capture them, train them, exploit them, and when necessary, end them.

Integral, the first entry in the series, takes place in middle America in the near future. With a blend of paranormal, noir, fantasy, and cyberpunk, Integral weaves a tapestry for drama and action akin to works like Snow Crash, Neuromancer, and Shadowrun fiction.

Subsequent books in Visceral span the better part of a century as the world changes, empires rise and fall, and our cast of heroes is bolstered by new faces and undermined by tragedy. Before the story comes full circle, hidden evils will be tracked across North America, revenge will be sought in China, and mysterious visions will lure readers to a dystopian India with a chilling finale set amidst the Arctic wastes.

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