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The Throne Of The Holy Spirit

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God the Holy Spirit is the most important Personality in the whole world to every single Christian. This is because after Jesus Christ successfully offered Himself as atonement and ransom the sins of humanity, He promised us the arrival of the Holy Spirit to dwell in us, be with us and empower us to live to the glory of God the Father. But the point is; is the Holy Spirit the King? And if He is the King, where is His throne located in the Bible. Simultaneously, Every Christian agrees to the Kingship of Jesus Christ the Messiah and if Jesus Christ also is King, where is His throne located and exhibited in the Bible?

Come let’s take a journey peak to unraveling these wonderful revelations; you will be astonished.

• The divine origin of kingship.

• The immortalization of King James the First.

• The 270 mega room palace of the Mari kingdom B.C. 2,200 

• The 1st Law Code on earth: The Code of Dunga

• The Code of Esnunna and Code of Hammurabi-282 laws

• The M. Sinai Law Code of Moses- 613

• The 120 years rule of King Saul, David and Solomon

• The Greatness of Herod the Great and the Herodian Dynasty

• Wonderful Ancient kingdoms; Sumerians, Akkadians, Elamites etc.

• The throne of God the Father

• The throne of Jesus Christ

• The throne of the Holy Spirit.

• The principle of Universal Quaternary Quaquaversal Omnipresence.

• Divine palanquin among other things

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