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Wings of a Raven, 2028AD

187 pages2 hours


2028AD is a real life inspired sci-fi universe stretching across several books and stand alone short stories depicting life on Earth and beyond as our wasteful life take the human species and planet Earth beyond the gates of man-made Ragnarok. 

While the Universe is large and the stories go far beyond Earth and the mundane, the first book tells a small and fairly short "everyday" life story about a few individual people and their contemporary life a decade or so from now as we follow their tiny little footprints of thoughts and love, fear, despair, melancholy, laughter and needs in that whirlwind of life in the Anthropocene which we too inhabit.

"They had departed, drifting through the high seas.

Ragnarok 5 was their designation, but the wolfpack of ships was scattered and silence was all that remained from the outside world." 

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