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Tof sends Bri to a new province while he tries to establish relations with the leader of the Troopers. Contacting Thlone, Tof and Liza risk everything to make an alliance.

Faced with an overwhelming force, Bri changes tactics in order to help the people in the new province. Defenders become ghosts and haunts to help the three northern most villages. Conflict within the command structure threatens to blow up all her plans.

Alex arrives in a new province to find Magic Seekers just left with a large number of children and women. With a local guide, he and Molly chase after the Magic Seekers. Magic, good and foul, battle to rescue the villagers. Troopers turn from helping the Council to being on the side of the Defenders. Can they be trusted?

Stealth, magic, and luck need to be on their side in order to overcome the magical, political, and physical challenges facing the Defenders.

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