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Hotwife Gets Public Ganged in the Club

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When innocent young couple James and Lana decide to switch things up by going dancing at a Hip Hop nightclub they have no idea how HOT AND HEAVY their night’s about to be...

Everyone says husband and wife James and Lana are too boring to ever have real fun. Sure, Lana was a bit of a party chick at college, but since marrying shy, introverted James they’ve gotten a reputation as the stable and dependable—not to mention totally boring—ones in their friends group. So, one night after dinner when Lana suggests they go dancing, they realize they might finally have a chance to prove how much fun they can really be...

But this Hip Hop club is a lot more “hand’s on” than they were expecting and when the sexy, voluptuous wife starts to garner A LOT of HUNGRY ATTENTION from the swaggering EBONY STUDS, her poor husband begins to get second thoughts—especially with how much his wife seems to be enjoying the attention.

Now the insecure, HUMILIATED HUSBAND is going to have to look on as his gorgeous wife finally gets satisfied by a whole GANG OF BIG BLACK ALPHAS. The only thing he wasn’t expecting was how much it was going to turn him on too...

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