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Pirates 4.The Blood Sisters

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Despite her doubts and hesitations, Blandine Veyre finally chose to stay in the company of the pirates.
However, on board the ship, the decision to join the West Indies has been unanimously voted, which will take her definitively away from her native Mediterranean province.
Somehow, the young girl seems to get used to her new life. Her skill in repairing the sails really impressed the Pirate’s Captain but now, at the request of this same Captain named ‘The Brigantine', she will gradually have to carry out tasks much more delicate, intense, even perilous, which nevertheless represent only the daily lot of the freebooters’ existence...

“I remain alone, legs and wrists tied. I lean with my back against one of the frames of the hull and finally this position of rest relieves me. The sharp pain I was feeling in my stomach slowly begins to fade. I close my eyes by thinking of these last events and this particularly violent boarding. The whole operation lasted a good part of the day and ended in a total abomination.
On top of that I had to kill a man and I keep thinking about it...
I try to find a justification, to comfort and persuade myself that without this action, without my gun shot, this soldier would have struck me with his sword and I would probably have died in atrocious suffering, but nevertheless I cannot avoid tormenting myself because of this life that is no longer available, that breath, that look I eliminated forever...”

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