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Bo Mei is a young female shamaness from the Sanqingshan Monastery. She was found abandoned at the monastery gates as a baby by one of the monks. The baby’s arrival was foretold in a prophecy and the Abbott decided to raise the baby. Years later, Bo Mei wanted to know who her parents were and why was she abandoned. During this time the Sui Dynasty was ruled by Emperor Yangdi. To maintain power, his policies of expanding the Wall Of China, invasion and war with Korea, His army’s raids of villages to seize their sons and daughters as slaves, concubines, and the taking of land and harvests caused tremendous suffering of the kingdom’s people. Chaos and fear ruled the land. A rebellion was in the air! It was against this backdrop that Bo Mei; trained in the Taoist arts of magic, divining, and healing, set out to find her past and fulfill the prophecy. She is accompanied on this quest by her childhood friend Daiyu, a woman warrior who mastered the arts of Archery and the Wudang Sword. Will she succeed in these violent times?  

Volume 1

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