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Relationships for Nurses

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With his typical humor, drier and darker than the saltines Dietary locked in the cabinet because the nurses were eating them all, Nick Angelis, CRNA, MSN, tackles one of the most sensitive topics in healthcare. Why do nurses and similar professionals confess difficulties in giving and receiving love? (The book title "Relationships for Nurses and Similar Professionals who Work in Healthcare but Lack the Rich History of Wearing Silly White Hats" wouldn't fit). These difficulties extends beyond work-life balance as they struggle to get their needs met, as if that were the ultimate fulfillment obtainable from a relationship. Learn why we try to heal ourselves and how teamwork makes the dream work. Wow, that was lame. This book contains none of that pie-in-the-sky garbage that works until something bad happens, but you will laugh through the tears as you gain insight and from someone who understands the unique challenges caregivers face in their relationships.

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