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A Deep Purple Hue: Book One of the Gordan Hudde Series

241 pages3 hours


Two conspiracies coil around Washington DC and the White House, each with a world-shaking outcome. One looks to change America. The other to destroy it.

Jim Foster is the lone survivor of an American SEAL team who is now being held hostage after his unit was overrun on a mountain top in Afghanistan. He is the last man alive with knowledge of a high ranking US administration official having meetings with leaders of jihadist terrorist organizations.

Former US Army Ranger and current CIA operative Gordan Hudde searches Syria for the newest offshoot of Al-Qaida. His accidental discovery of Foster and his heroic one man rescue means that now two men hold this potentially explosive information.

Hudde swears Foster to secrecy while he attempts to verify the information. The plans appear to come straight out of the administration. His investigation takes him from Washington DC to the mountains in Turkey. But with little time left to derail the plans, who will believe him? Will America be changed forever or destroyed?

“ extraordinary conspiracy story” – The Book Magnet.

"The perfect conspiracy, well-suited characters, a beginning that hooks you right away...” – Serious Reading.

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