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Making Zimbabwe Great Again

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Zimbabwe is a beautiful country, blessed with abundant resources, rich and fertile soils, excellent weather, and peace-loving citizens. Years of economic challenges have left many in difficult situations (see Psalms 127:1). The Lord has not forsaken you and Zimbabwe, there is hope. Maybe you are eager to see Zimbabwe great again, but you are not so sure how this can happen, or if you can make a significant impact and influence this to happen.

Cyril Siringwani exposes how through the wisdom of God you can make Zimbabwe great again by:

Knowing that you were not created to suffer lack and defeat, but to live a life that glorifies God Making Jesus the center of your life, as He is the answer and the foundation Functioning with the fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom Living a life of peace, which is a prerequisite to success and prosperity Exuding great emotions and the fruit of the Spirit Thinking and talking your way to success Living a life of prayer Taking massive action of responsibility and productivity

Discover how the wisdom of God, which though may appear as foolishness to man, has the power to cause you to be great and to influence greatness in your sphere of influence, in Zimbabwe and beyond. Let your greatness begin.

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