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Dick Midnight vs Hafgufa (The Kraken)

57 pages42 minutes


In this installment of the acclaimed mytherotica e-book series, celebrated author and creature conquerer Dick Midnight goes sword to gooey inktip with the legendary Hafgufa, also known as The Kraken, a nasty seafaring octopus that has captured the friend of an infatuation. As a result, Dick Midnight has promised he can rescue the abducted college girl, but the consequences are grave, the encounter daunting, and it may not be a promise he's able to keep.

Supernatural supersleuth Dick Midnight battles the creatures of our classical mythologies in an effort to rescue abducted women from being slaves to their primal desires. With the help of his striking assistant, an Alabaster Amazon named Xana Pandora, Dick Midnight must travel to a place he refers to as The Nether Regions, home to an endless population of mythological beasts, all dangerous, all imposing, and all with a sexual appetite temporarily quenched only by earthly physical beauty.

When it comes to clashing with the creatures of our mythology, Dick Midnight already knows their names. Now he's here to kick their ass.

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