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Love And A Heart Place

338 pages5 hours


After twenty-five years of living with her adoptive parents, Valentine moves out of the mansion to start a life on her own. No more indifference or drama (depending on her mother’s drunken mood), However, moving into a modest home in a working class neighborhood offers her little freedom, for her father suddenly wants to divorce his wife to finally live with the real love of his life. Bitterly, after being served divorce papers, Lana decides she no longer should keep family secrets involving Valentine’s parentage and the facts of a horrible childhood injury.

Valentine to her dismay finds herself in the middle of everything and desires nothing more than to be left alone. On impulse, she indulges in sexual pleasure from a man she considers nothing more than an acquaintance. It soon becomes bigger than expected, and she tells herself she hasn’t the time or need for any type of romance. No one, especially a man can be trusted to take care of her heart. Only, David isn’t a man who listens to nonsense. He wants her and intends to have his chance.

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