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Ty'd Up

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Since receiving a medical discharge from the Navy, Tyler Hardin has found a home, a job, and a life partner at the Willow Springs Ranch. Most of the time, things couldn’t be better. Except when they could. Like whenever Ty manages to ditch the day in, day out drudgery of housework and cooking and find something more useful to do around the ranch. When an old friend calls with an opportunity to make a difference in a kid’s life, Ty doesn’t think twice. He’s all in.
Years ago, Cass Cartwright made his lover a co-owner of the Willow Springs Ranch, and it’s still the best decision he’s ever made. A ranch runs on its stomach, and Ty’s cooking skills keep all the ranch hands happy. As partners of the heart as well as the land, they always see things eye-to-eye. Except when they don’t. Issues once thought settled–like marriage and raising children–have a nasty way of coming back to life at the most inopportune moments.
With one man craving change in his life and the other desperate for stability in their relationship, a fourteen-year-old boy could be the fresh start they both need. Or the beginning of the end.

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