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Gorodin - The Voice of God: The Gorodin Trilogy, #1

304 pages5 hours


Sharmel kin Avram has more imminent, personal worries than the apocalyptic religious plot to destroy Gorodin, his native city. He has just been exiled from said city for a start. And the walls are impenetrable. And there are a hundred miles of scorched desert in every direction. He's also extremely annoyed with his best friend Xaka, because according to Sharmel,  Xaka as good as put them there.

He needs to get his affairs in order though, because his fate and that of his city and everyone in it are linked by an inescapable destiny. It will start with the next creature to be thrown to join them out of the city gates, and the discovery of something with the ability to give the user god-like powers - if they have the faith and courage to use it. It will take them to the parts of the city that until now they have always managed to avoid, such as the haunted, nocturnal Shadelends, and the heart of the Lizardtown  criminal underworld.

Sharmel needs to forget his grievances, try to forget the girl that was really responsible for his exile, and find some way to get back inside Gorodin and to the relic they are now seeking. Because they are not the only ones searching. And if the others find it there will be more than one deadly threat to their city.

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